1. Can I visit Langkawi Port?
A : Only port-related business contacts, official delegations and (potential) clients can visit Langkawi Port. However, we also allow visitors from schools and colleges. These visits are managed by the Administration Department. Please contact us at 04-966 5905 / 5915 for an appointment.

2. What are the services offered at Langkawi Port?
A : At Langkawi Port, we provided services such as Ro-Ro (for vehicle handling), mooring, stevedoring, wharf handling, crane and forklift, fresh water supply, weighbridge, warehouse, office space, open yard etc. Please refer to the Services & Facilities on this website for more details.

3. How do I get in touch with Langkawi Port customer service?
A : Our office hours is from 8.00 am. till 5.00 pm. daily (except Friday). Kindly contact us at 04-966 5905 / 5915 or refer to our Contact Us page for more information.

4. Where can I find companies that are active in Langkawi Port?
A : The Tenants section has information of our customers from various categories.

5. Where can I find statistical information about for example the handling of cargo in Langkawi Port?
A : For information about the handling of cargo, please refer to the Statistic section in the website.

6. Where can I obtain details of Langkawi Port’s Tariff?
A : More information on Langkawi Port’s Tariff can be viewed under Services & Facilities – Tariff section at the respectives.

7. Which Company provide vehicle transport service from/to Langkawi?
A: There are few company that provide such service and there are 2 ways available.

By Using a barge from/to Kuala Kedah. Currently there are 3 company that provide such services which is Wantas Shipping Sdn Bhd, Pengangkutan Bersatu Sdn Bhd, and Pertiwi Shipping Sdn Bhd. You can contact these company by visiting our Tenants page for more info.

By Using Roll On – Roll Off (RORO) Ferry services from/to Kuala Perlis and Kuala Kedah. Currently there are 3 company that provide this service from/to Kuala Perlis and 1 company that provide this service from/to Kuala Kedah.

From/to Kuala Perlis :
Langkawi Auto Express Sdn Bhd
Langkawi Ro-Ro Ferry Services Sdn Bhd
Dibuk Cargo Services Sdn Bhd

From/to Kuala Kedah :
Successroro (Dragon Star Shipping Sdn Bhd)